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The new IDS RACELINE Titanium Exhaust Systems are designed specifically with 2 things in mind: Performance and Quality engineering. IDS Supercars comes from decades of street and track racing experience with a one track mind in developing new methods to make supercars lighter and faster. After countless supercar ownerships and studies on a variety of different exhaust set ups, we have designed our very unique new line of Titanium Exhaust Systems for high performance Supercars.

Developing and designing new Supercar products daily, we look forward in providing you with a truly unique Race System Straight Pipe or H Pipe design for your supercar.

We make our race systems in Houston, Texas with American raw titanium and real carbon fiber.

Our goal is to provide high quality titanium exhaust systems at a very affordable price point.

Systems In stock and ready to ship!
● Mclaren 720s Coupe / Spider
● Mclaren 570S/570GT
● Mclaren 650S / MP412C
● Ferrari 488 GTB/Spider
● Porsche 911 / 911 GT3 / GT3 RS
● Lamborghini Huracan / Perf
● More Designs coming soon

Contact us for more information and prices for your vehicles. Message us for more details.

All products designed and fabricated in
Houston Texas for off road use only.
We do not recommend using any of these
products on public roadways

Email us for specific vehicle pricing and specials.